10 Incredible Ways To Use Onions That Don’t Involve Eating Them

I absolutely love using onions in cooking. They make pretty much everything taste better, so I always have them in my kitchen, ready to go.

They’re great in omelettes, in curries, with roasted vegetables, in salsas… they’re pretty much a kitchen essential.

But did you know that they’re good for more than amazing meals? They have a ton of health benefits, as they’re full of purifying elements and help fight bacteria. But, even beyond the health benefits, they’ll help you around the house!

These 10 amazing ways to use onions all around the house will make life totally easier. Honestly, did you know that there were so many uses for onions before?

Just make sure that you don’t leave them lying around pets, as they can be deadly to dogs and cats.

Are there any other uses for onions that you’ve tried around the house?

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1. Keep Frost Away


Although spring is officially here, that doesn’t mean we’re done with morning frost. If you’re worried about frosty windows in the morning, rub a raw onion half on the windshield the night before to prevent frost from building up.

2. Soak Up Paint Smells

2. Soak Up Paint Smells

If you just painted a room and leaving a window open isn’t enough to get rid of that noxious paint smell, slice up some onions, place in a bit of water, and leave them out for a bit. They will soak up those paint fumes within a few hours.

3. Clean Your BBQ

3. Clean Your BBQ

If your barbecue grill has seen cleaner, less grimy days, all you have to do is heat it up, slice an onion in half, stick a fork in it, and scrub away. The chemicals in the onion will help lift away all that grease and debris. You can then rinse away the onion flavor… or you could leave it on for a bit of extra seasoning. Dealer’s choice.

4. Keep Caterpillars Away From Your Garden


If you have a caterpillar problem, there’s no need to use anything but a natural onion spray to deter them. Soak grated onion in water overnight, and then put that onion water into spray bottles. Cover your plants in the onion mist and watch as those little critters find their greenery elsewhere.

5. Get Rid Of Rust

5. Get Rid Of Rust

Rub the metal blades of rusted knives or scissors with an onion and a bit of elbow grease afterward. You’ll quickly be able to rinse the blade clean, free of rust. Make sure to dry it immediately.

6. Make A Natural Dye

6. Make A Natural Dye

Yellow onion skins are great for making a natural, earthy, yellowy-orange dye. Steep the skins in water on the stove for about 30 minutes, or until the skins turn translucent and the water has absorbed all the color. Drain the skins out, let the water cool, and dye whatever you’d like!

7. Salvage Burned Rice

burned rice

If you’ve gone and left the rice on the stove for a bit too long, fear not, onion can come to the rescue! Use the peel of the onion to remove the burned taste on rice. Transfer the unburned rice to a fresh pot, toss your peels in, and cover with a lid. Let sit for about 15 minutes, and that burned taste that permeated throughout the whole pot should disappear.

8. Get Scorch Stains Out Of Clothing

8. Get Scorch Stains Out Of Clothing

If you’ve scorched your clothing with an iron, or if your dryer sometimes leaves little burn marks, turn to a trusty onion. Grate about a quarter of a regular-sized onion with a cheese grater and rub it onto the mark. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and launder as usual.

9. Keep Avocado From Turning Brown


If you want to keep your avocado or guacamole from turning brown, store it with a red onion. Your precious produce will last much longer.

10. Polish Silverware

tarnished metal

If you crush sliced onions and mix with water, you can dab it on a clean cloth and use it to polish tarnished metals in your home.

Did you know the onion had so many hidden uses? I certainly didn’t! Please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook!



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10 Incredible Ways To Use Onions That Don’t Involve Eating Them

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