11 Amazing Finds For Anyone Who Loves The ’80s

Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

The ’80s were an iconic time. The fashions, the media, the technology… who could forget? It seems like just yesterday that girls were teasing their hair as big as possible and coating their eyes with green, blue, or pink eyeshadow to match their bright, shoulder pad-laden outfits. It was a glorious time full of ridiculousness that deserves to be remembered.

Luckily, we still have the trinkets and memorabilia from the ’80s circulating around to remind us of the decade that brought us movies like Die Hard and Back to the Future. 

These 11 ’80s trinkets, pieces of clothing, and toys are sure to bring you back. Whether you grew up in the ’80s, or if your kids grew up in the ’80s, these items will ring true to you.

Do you have any of these items in your home still? What was your favorite part of this silly decade?

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1. Alf On The Line


Why did we all love Alf so much? He ate cats!

2. Collector’s Cups

2. Collector's Cups

Did you ever collect the cups that you could buy at fast food restaurants along with your burgers and fries?

3. Michael’s Face Again And Again

michael jackson

These Michael Jackson buttons were an essential addition to every ’80s kid’s red leather jacket or book bag.

4. ET Pot Hugger

et flower thing

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a little ET pot hugger figurine to peer at you from your favorite houseplant, there is. Thank goodness for the ’80s.

5. The Whole Star Wars Set

star wars

Though the initial movie came out in ’77, the 2 sequels and the memorabilia were all ’80s. We can’t talk about the decade and not mention Star Wars and the many collectibles that came along with the highly successful franchise.

6. Speak & Spell With A Twist

speak and spell

Ah, the technology of the ’80s, so ahead of its time! And, of course, there is good ol’ Michael again on that sweet pair of purple shades.

7. Bomber Jacket

7. Bomber Jacket

These bomber jackets were all the rage in the ’80s. Is anyone else still upset about Dan Marino’s missed field goal during Super Bowl XIX? Man, what a bummer.

8. California Raisin

8. California Raisin

Did you have this toy? Everyone was all for collecting them in the ’80s, because who doesn’t want a wind-up raisin?

9. Smiling Smurf

9. Smiling Smurf

And here is another collectible toy, this time in Smurf form, because what would the ’80s be without The Smurfs?

10. Sequins And Leather

sequen shirt

’80s fashion was all about going over the top, and this sequined shirt and leather pencil skirt embodies that look entirely. Did you ever wear anything like this?

11. Gems, Gems, And More (Plastic) Gems

11. Gems, Gems, And More (Plastic) Gems

Oh, who could ever forget the things with which we bejeweled ourselves during the ’80s? The costume beads and huge, gaudy earrings were all anyone ever wanted to wear, and it was a glorious, strange time.

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11 Amazing Finds For Anyone Who Loves The ’80s

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