7 Tiny Endangered Penguins Line Up By Water, Then Bravely Dive In For Their First Swim

Is it possible to not love penguins? I find it very hard to believe that someone can’t be charmed by their waddling little bodies.

At the Maryland Zoo, back in October and November, seven endangered South African chicks hatched. The little ones all got fun space names: Hydra, Apollo, Luna, Hubble, Io, Sputnik, and Sirius.

Since hatching, the little ones have yet to make it into the main colony. The endangered penguins got their first taste of the water just days ago, and as you might expect, they were absolutely in love.

The seven penguins lined up on a dock and their keepers watched as each dove into the water and took to it beautifully. Some of the siblings were a little timid and stuck together, but eventually, everyone warmed up to the new surroundings well.

Sadly, this breed of penguin is endangered and has seen a major decline due to industrial fishing. But thankfully these seven babies hatched, and according to the zoo, several more eggs hatched soon after!

Watch these babies’ first swim in the video below. If you think they’re cute, you’ll love this video of two penguins standing by the water when a wave rolls in and totally freaks them out.

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7 Tiny Endangered Penguins Line Up By Water, Then Bravely Dive In For Their First Swim

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