According To A Wife On Her 50th Anniversary The Key To A Happy Marriage Is Not Focusing On Money

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Most of us haven’t been married for 50 years, so can’t quite understand what the commitment involves.

In fact, a lot of people have trouble even starting relationships in the first place.

When a woman shopping for her husband on their 50th anniversary came into a jewelry store, she had a conversation with the clerk who shared her powerful message on Facebook’s Love What Matters page. 

The clerk shares:

A lady came in the store looking for a new wedding band for her husband named Harry. She told me her and her husband have been seriously married for 50 years on Sept 2. 

This is our conversation: 

Me: ‘Wow.. I would be lucky if I get in a relationship for 50 days.’

Her: ‘No, not lucky.. Just lazy…young people only care about one thing…MONEY… but what happens when the stability you married isn’t so stable anymore? 


What happens when you get bored? Young people today don’t want to fight for anything. Not even the one thing that cost more and lasts longer than money ever could. Find passion, give compassion, find love, and see yourself looking at 50 years.

Me: ‘So what does 50 years look like?’

Her: ‘Harry Winston’  

The post has received over 26,000 likes and nearly 4000 shares.

What the woman touches on is important, and resonated with a lot of people from many different walks of life.

While, of course Harry’s wife seems to have achieved both financial and romantic stability in her marriage, it doesn’t mean that it has always been that way.

To borrow her words, marriage is, “the one thing thats costs more and lasts longer than money ever could.”

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According To A Wife On Her 50th Anniversary The Key To A Happy Marriage Is Not Focusing On Money

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