Bride Glares At Husband When Wedding Song Cuts Out, Then Starts Storming Off The Dance Floor

The first dance between the bride and groom has always been an important tradition where weddings are concerned. For this couple, their first dance didn’t pan out exactly in the way that their guests were expecting. Luckily, they had the whole surprise planned out.

In the video below, filmed and posted by AV Artisan Productions on February 7, 2016, the newlyweds join each other on the dance floor. They glide around, holding each other close as “The Book Of Love” by Peter Gabriel plays in the air.

Suddenly, a voice says, “Rock the beat!”

The music begins to skip and  play clips of various songs instead of their chosen slow song. The newlyweds look around, then look back at each other in shock. The guests stare at the couple, but feel that something is up.

In a state of fake confusion, the bride and groom storm off in opposite directions of each other.

Then, they get in position for a romantic — and very entertaining — surprise for their wedding reception guests.

They slip their bodies into a smooth Bachata, wowing the crowd with their choreography to “Happy” by Pharrell. Their friends and family are all smiles as they watch the wedding surprise unfold on the dance floor right before their eyes.

Next, the newlyweds break into an energetic routine to “Uptown Funk” by  Bruno Mars. Just as their guests begin to cheer even louder, they transition into a dance to “Don’t Wake Me Up” by Chris Brown.

As the married couple shows off some fancy footwork, it becomes clear that their musical mistake was a perfectly planned present for their loved ones.

To see the amazing dance these newlyweds perform, check out the video below and please SHARE if you like their moves!



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Bride Glares At Husband When Wedding Song Cuts Out, Then Starts Storming Off The Dance Floor

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