Dad Starts Collecting Loose Change When Son Is Born And Saves $750 To Buy Them Football Tickets

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A football-loving dad knew he wanted his son to experience the joys of a football game.

Being obsessed with the Green Bay Packers, the dad knew how expensive tickets could be. According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, ticket prices average $245 a game.

When his son was born, the dad decided it was better to start saving early to pay for those football tickets.

The dad started collecting loose change throughout the years.

Finally, after years of saving, he had enough money to get two tickets to see the Green Bay Packers.

“Saved up loose change since my son was born to take him to Lambeau Field. We did it!” the dad wrote on Imgur.

Commenters were able to figure out there was around $750 in coins in the photo.

After sharing photos on Imgur, people flocked to the comments to congratulate them. “He’ll remember that for the rest of his life,” one commenter wrote.

Another person congratulated him on an amazing bonding experience.

This commenter said the dad was doing great at parenting. They also made a great point that saving the loose change was a great teaching lesson.

There’s no doubt that all of the years of saving loose change paid off for the dad and his son when it was time for game day.

The pair were all smiles posing for a photo inside the stadium.

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Dad Starts Collecting Loose Change When Son Is Born And Saves $750 To Buy Them Football Tickets

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