Labrador Leaps Into Pool To Help Kids With Special Needs Overcome Their Swimming Fears

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When Labrador retriever Cori was 16 weeks old, she was exposed to a swimming pool for the first time.

She was terrified of the water at first, but she eventually overcame her fear and started enjoying swimming.

The AKC notes that Labradors were originally bred for water retrievals, so maybe Cori was always destined to be a water dog!

dog cori

At nine months, Cori started showing a propensity for water rescue.

She’s focused and caring, and automatically jumps in the water when she hears splashing.

cori dog

According to the CDC, one third of unintentional deaths in children ages 1 to 4 is due to drowning. The rate is even higher for children with special needs.

Because of this frightening statistic, it’s important for kids to learn how to swim.

cori swimming

Surf Dog Ricochet explains:

Cori is able to break down barriers often experienced between swim instructors and students. 

Some kids have refused to get in the pool with an instructor, but they willingly get in with Cori.

cori swim

Because Cori had a fear of water herself, she’s able to motivate kids to get over their fear too… “if Cori did it, so can I.”

Parents who have been taking their kids to swim lessons for years are thrilled to see improvement after just one session with Cori.

Kids become more inclined to try things when they know Cori will keep them safe. 

cori lifejacket

Cori wears a special lifejacket made for water rescue. There are two handles on the back where the child can hold onto while practicing their kicking, etc.

Because Cori’s lifejacket has multiple handles, she can tow more than one child at a time, making it a fun experience for siblings too.

cori deck

In addition to the physical safety Cori provides, she also makes many children feel more emotionally safe.

Parents have seen their children become less anxious just because of Cori’s presence.

cori with kid

Cori also wears goggles — which can make children who are worried about putting on goggles more comfortable.

No matter how much time it takes a child to get into the pool, Cori is patient and caring.

pool cori

In addition to working with kids in the pool, Cori helps children get accustomed to swimming in the ocean.

Cori also practices mock water rescues in the ocean.

ocean cori

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Labrador Leaps Into Pool To Help Kids With Special Needs Overcome Their Swimming Fears

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