Little Girl Will Not Leave For School Until She Gets Kisses From Her Fluffy Dog

Whether the kids or the dog came first, you always hope and pray that they get along. That there’s no allergies, no arguments, or no jealousy—because as different as they may be, they’re both still your babies.

So, when this mom had her beautiful little girl Sierra, I’m sure that she wondered how her big chocolate fluffy dog Samson would take to her as well.

And it turns out, they found a bond like no other.

When this video below begins, we see mom talking to Sierra as she carries what looks like her lunch box for school.

She’s getting ready for the day, and dilly-dallying a bit, but when mom reminds her it’s time to go and that she has to say goodbye to her puppy-pal, her response is absolutely adorable.

She leans in to say goodbye to Samson, and gives him a bunch of cute little kisses right on his nose. He just stands there as if it’s routine, which apparently it is, and leaves his cute nose waiting for her final smooch.

As if these two weren’t cute enough just standing and smiling together, these sweet goodbye kisses were something even more special to be able to witness.

Do your kids have any cute rituals with your pets? Let us know in the comments!

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Little Girl Will Not Leave For School Until She Gets Kisses From Her Fluffy Dog

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