Mom, Dad, And Baby Cover Their Arms In Thick Purple Goop To Create A Beautiful Statue

If you’re looking for the perfect family memory, look no further! This adorable tutorial will show you how to make a plaster cast of your whole family holding hands.

After all, family photos are lovely, but there’s something especially powerful about capturing your loved ones’ hands in one moment in time. It’s like a 3D snapshot of the moment!

And if you’re intimidated by the idea of making a plaster mold, don’t be! It might seem complicated to create an impression and a molding, but it’s actually easy as pie if you have the right materials!

The two main ingredients are casting plaster and alginate. Alginate mixes with water to make a tough, rubbery substance that makes perfect impressions of your hands.

Thanks to the clingy-but-flexible alginate, the mold will have all the lines and quirks of your hands, but you won’t be trapped. You can pull your hands free with minimal effort, and fill the hole in the rubber with plaster mix!

This idea comes to us via Atelier Stolzenburg – Belly Deluxe. This German company will create a plaster cast for any project you can think of, and we imagine that family hand sculptures are a popular choice.

They also do plaster castings for pregnant bellies, baby feet, and other similarly sweet and sentimental projects.

To see their hand-casting technique in action, scroll through to the video below.

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Mom, Dad, And Baby Cover Their Arms In Thick Purple Goop To Create A Beautiful Statue

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