Mom Is Pregnant With Twins, But Doctor Notices One Is Abnormally Small In Ultrasound

Kelly and Andrew Briesacher were elated to find out they were expecting twins. The baby girls were to be the first grandchildren on either side of the family. It was special news.

However, the couple’s joy was tempered by a horrifying revelation. During an ultrasound at 19 weeks, the doctor noticed that one twin was much smaller than the other. Moreover, no one could find the smaller twin’s bladder.

“We were told that having identical twins comes with a set of risks, including something called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome,” Kelly recalled.

The size differences were the first sign of TTTS. The condition occurs when identical twins share a placenta, but one baby receives more nutrients and blood than the other.

The doctor urged them to go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Wanting to save their babies, the couple obliged. Unfortunately, one of the little girls, Molly, was suffering from a brain injury and slowed heart. The outlook wasn’t good.

However, doctors were certain they could save her sister, Zoey. The surgeons acted quickly. Zoey survived, but Molly didn’t make it. Kelly and Andrew were devastated… and then something special happened.

A nurse suggested that the family visit Cincinnati’s Krohn Conservatory. Kelly walked into in the butterfly exhibit and instantly felt a powerful connection to Molly. Somehow, as the butterflies fluttered around the grieving mother and father, it was as though each one possessed a tiny bit of Molly’s spirit.

“I thought, ‘Every time I see a butterfly from here on out, I’m going to think of my precious baby Molly,’” Kelly recalled

The mother seems to have a sense of peace now. When the time is right, she will tell Zoey about Molly, and that whenever she sees a butterfly, “that’s her sister coming for a visit.”

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Video Credit: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital / Facebook



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Mom Is Pregnant With Twins, But Doctor Notices One Is Abnormally Small In Ultrasound

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