Nobody Can Get Over How Much North Looks Like Mom Kim Kardashian In Throwback Photos

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These four photos were taken when Kim was just a kid and shared by her mom, Kris, for her birthday.

There’s no denying that Kim was very cute as a youngster, and she definitely passed that gene on to her children.

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It’s easy to see where Kim got her good looks — just take a look at Kris!

Kim got her dark hair, dark eyes, and adorable pout from her parents, Kris and Robert Kardashian.

Now take a look at Kim’s 4-year-old daughter, North!

She definitely resembles her gorgeous mama, Kim.

Like Kim, North has dark brown hair, a round face, and a button nose.

It’s not as easy to see the resemblance when North poses with her mom now, but the likeness is uncanny when you compare her to Kim as a child.

And there’s no question that North would love to know that she looks just like her mom.

She constantly tries to be Kim’s mini-me, whether they have matching hairstyles, similar outfits, or just a similar love for makeup.

When Kim shared this throwback photo of a school picture, fans couldn’t deny how much she looked like her young daughter.

One person wrote, “This picture could pass for North’s.”

On other photos, fans have had the same thought.

“North looks just like you,” one person wrote.

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A third fan said, “Omg little Kim looks so like Nori. So sweet.”

Some people have even said they think baby Kim looks like her niece, Dream!

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Nobody Can Get Over How Much North Looks Like Mom Kim Kardashian In Throwback Photos

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