Very Pregnant Woman Dances Into The Frame, Then She Begins The Rap

Getting ready for your new baby to come into the world is obviously a super exciting time for new mothers.

The days before the big due date can be both exhilarating and stressful — some women are nervous about what the process will be like while others just want the baby out of them and into the world, already!

In anticipation for their little bundles of joy, many moms-to-be have chosen to dance through the nerves and anticipation, just like this mom did while she was waiting for her bundle of joy to come.

This makes a lot of sense, considering dancing is proven way to raise endorphins and lower stress.

But one mom took the pre-baby boogie one step further with her own “babymama” specific hip hop song all about the life of pregnant women.

The hilarious clip starts out with the mom-to-be dancing around the living room while chowing down on a pickle — then her sister joins in the frame to lip sync the funny vocals.

The two continue the makeshift music video complete with big-bellied dance moves, a package of diapers and a huge pile of food.

This future mom definitely knows how to have a good time waiting for her baby to come, we definitely can’t wait to see what funny antics ensure once she gives birth.

Check out the entire video below, the song will certainly be in your head for the rest of the day.

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Very Pregnant Woman Dances Into The Frame, Then She Begins The Rap

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