Woman Has Itchy Red Eyes For 2 Years Before Doctors Tell Her She Has Hundreds Of Eyelash Mites

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The woman known as “Ms. Xu” lives in the Hubei province of central China.

After dealing with itchy, red eyes for two years, Ms. Xu decided to finally go to the doctor.


She told doctors that because she’d been dealing with the redness and itchiness for so long, she’d just gotten used to it.

When doctors took a look, though, they were stunned.


Ms. Xu had over 100 eyelash mites living on her.

The mites were causing her eyes to become red, itchy, and crusty.

eye drops

Ms. Xu just put up with the discomfort and dealt with it by using over-the-counter eye drops.

eye closed

It wasn’t until her eyelashes started sticking together that she decided she needed to go to the doctor.

eye doctor

Doctors had never seen anything like it before — and they definitely weren’t expecting to find so many mites on this woman’s eyes.

On one single eyelash, there were 10 mites!

eyelash mites

It took a while for doctors to finally convince Ms. Xu to tell them what was going on.

She finally revealed that she hadn’t washed her pillow case in five years.

dirty pillows

Doctors also found out that she didn’t have good ventilation in her bedroom.

These factors led to the mites becoming so harmful.

washing machine

Ms. Xu was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and blepharitis, but she luckily made a full recovery after treatment.

laundry rack

This just serves as yet another reminder to frequently wash your pillowcases and bedsheets!

eye close up

If you ever think there’s something seriously wrong with your eyes or eyelashes, visit your eye doctor!

Nobody should have to live in discomfort for years like Ms. Xu did.

green eyes

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Woman Has Itchy Red Eyes For 2 Years Before Doctors Tell Her She Has Hundreds Of Eyelash Mites

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